The Soul-Mate Marriage: The Spiritual Journey of Becoming One

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So regardless of age, all souls have chosen experiences to have for many, many reason, and through the eyes of love which is Spirit , all are beautiful opportunities. Sending you and everyone such waves of love and complete remembrance of the infinite love that you are!

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I would be happy to talk with you. Thanks for the reference. He let me see his phone and we talked. Of course, you will have to make up your own mind what you think, and what you will do. They imagine this to be a powerfully charged romantic relationship with Prince Charming or the Woman of their Dreams who just happens to be presently available, the right age, and perfect. The merciful commitment strengthens us to see the truth about ourselves and repent. You will see that everywhere angels appear in the Bible, they are presented as fully human.

Sharing our journey, particularly TF journey definitely makes it a lot easier. This forum is a Godsend and we are all here united as a family.

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Truly your service is divine and I express my deep appreciation for this. Yours words help me look at the situation for a different and broader perspective. Through all this journey I have now learnt never to judge anyone. This is a huge spiritual development for me. Before , I used to feel indignant and judge people. Even in this situation, though all the family members spoke badly about that person, I was able to look at it non judgementally and question what the learning was there for me from that.

In fact I was able to conslole the family members with this view point. However, in my case , I can sense a lot of connection between my TF and soulmate and I feel they have a soul contract between them and when the time comes , my TF will work it out with my soulmate. I somehow feel that my TF chose my soulmate as a partner for me for this lifetime.

During my wedding my TF was almost like a best man for my soulmate. He was there as part of our close circle on my wedding night. He has been there through all of my major life events, like he was there for my baby shower, he came to see my first baby a few days after it was born, he was there for first b day of my first child. I attended his wedding, I was there for the naming ceremony of his first child.

Our lives have been so interconnected. We have been around each through most of our experiences. When I look back at all this, I see a definite strong connection between my soulmate and TF. Many times I have felt my soulmate say something that I felt was coming from my TF. It is amazing! He seems like an extension of my TF. It is along winding journey and I am exhausted.

I just love my TF deeply and will have trust and faith. Your experiences are truly illuminating for us.

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Do keep sharing , angel Gabriella! Love to you! Joanna, It is amazing to see your fortitude and strength in the face of such challenges in your life. I hope my sharings help you.

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We are all in this together! Keep having faith and trust! Did your words hit some DEEP places within me! I feel so deeply, and have felt from the start of encountering my soul mate, that my TF knew of him and that their souls loved each other so profoundly as my heart has always intensely desired to see them embrace and share their beings with one another, as we all, as soul family, share our love within our specific parts of our mission. So hearing your words about your feelings of the deep connection that your soul mate and TF have just opened up the overwhelming yet beautiful emotions of this eternal and sacred love, for I have yet to see the intimacy that they will both share with one another, though I have and do feel it!

How beautiful is it?!

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So sweet! Such huge spiritual developments and evolution we are all making our way through, and knowing that we have each other absolutely is the Godsend for us all as ONE.

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Lots and lots of love to you! I have felt and do feel that my soul mate and I are such close friends, and know that we will remain such for the remainder of this physical experience and beyond. You may find that as you share, the more that you share, the more illusions you release, the more truth you connect to and the deeper your connection becomes, with both your soul mate and twin flame.

Such a beautiful circle of love we are all within. Keep loving and shining girl! How was that time before you reunited with your TF? reviews: The Soul-Mate Marriage: The Spiritual Journey of Becoming One

Was it different on some way, how was everything unfolding? I too have been afraid of contacting my tf lately not sure why, then of course I read this, as always perfect timing on your part Gabriella! So I did write him last night and I feel so good that I did, he told me he had dreamt of me last night. He also expressed his love more than he has ever done before, he has always been so reserved and I feel he is reserved because of our situation of not being able to be together physically right now, but I do feel him opening up.

There is just soo much with the signs that we receive, and what you tell us that just truly amazes me. Also on the note of soul mates and tf connections, I think of things now, and realize that they had recognized each other on some other level way back. I am speaking of my previous soul mate, whom I just ended the relationship with after 25 years, and my tf.

Dearest Gabriella , I am so glad that it all resonated with you. Just goes to show how connected we all are. To know that it brought tears , overwhelms me. I have often felt these connections with my TF and soulmate. Yours words have validated them.

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The Soul-Mate Marriage: The Spiritual Journey of Becoming One [David Frisbie, Lisa Frisbie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Soul-Mate Marriage: The Spiritual Journey of Becoming One: David Frisbie, Lisa Frisbie: Libros en idiomas extranjeros.

There are many synchronicities now and messages and I hope this time we experience it in tangibly. On the spiritual level, we can sense the oneness and the constant guidance and support. Physically I hope we can all laugh and be joyful experiencing the love of our TFs on a day to day basis in this human form.

Is this what we are heading for or is is something much more beyond our perception? Thanks, Sleeping Beauty and Gabriella. I feel that Sleepy Beauty and I are in the same boat in many ways. I also supect that there is a contract between my soulmate and TF. My husband soulmate encouraged me to take the math clases, and there was where I met my TF. It is the song of Josh Groban.

A Relationship as a Spiritual Path

I think both of you, Gabriella and Sleeping Beauty, have been fortunate in being able to create loving relationships that have not rejected soul mates in favor of twin flames or vice versa. It is certainly difficult to find peace when you find yourself in the middle of a complicated relationship web. My TF and I are both married not to each other. I know a lot about the struggles in his marriage and have a strong desire to protect him. I feel what he is going through is breaking his spirit.

On the other hand, I do think damage is being done that will require a lot of healing. While ultimately, I do think all our souls will grow, it is difficult to feel that love is expanding through this experience.

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Wow…tears came again this eve as all of you that have posted today have each and all given me such beautiful confirmations and synchronicities within my heart, my soul, my entire being, for this journey that I and we am on, towards the full reunion in all ways with my twin flame…and the sweetness that comes with feeling and seeing the oneness and connection always present in each moment, between it all and between us all! I am right now IN the unfolding of reunion in all ways with my TF, ever growing deeper into remembering and experiencing the oneness between us that always is. Each moment of this unfolding moving me into his arms is just amazing, as I constantly receive the divine essence that we are as 1 and as 11 our oneness as ONE within each exchange we share.

It is like every night I lay down before closing my eyes, breathe out a sigh of the most intimate waves of gratitude for experiencing our love for each other through the service we extend to others the trinity of infinity I shall be talking about in a video soon , and truly remember this oneness and love that we are.

It is a divine journey to have created the separation to experience it profoundly moving us into the creations of union with the oneness and service for all!