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A 100 Day “Journey of Joy” Challenge
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Who can I relate to in this passage? Write a letter back to Jesus sharing your thoughts and questions.

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Take the 21 Day Challenge online by joining the Pocket Testament League and receive a daily devotional. Membership is free and you get access to other complimentary resources to help you learn how to share the gospel of John with family and friends who are open to learning more about how to have a personal relationship with Jesus. These are the questions most frequently asked after someone completes the 21 DC.

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The beauty of the 21 DC is that you can use the same format and apply it to the other gospels in the New Testament — Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Or you can get creative and come up with your own questions that you have for Jesus and go through the gospel of John again looking for answers to the questions you have been struggling with or wondering about such as ….

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Posted by pvagner on November 5, at PM. Thanks for sharing your KaiOS experience. Notify me of new comments via email. Should i go ahead and sign up or is it over? However I am unable to find out how much of those is still available on KaiOS these days.

What were some of the titles given to Jesus by those who heard Him speak? If I had been a disciple following Jesus around how would I have reacted to the things Jesus said and did? But it might take you longer than 21 days.

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Are you ready for greater joy? We specialize in delivering ongoing, high-content coaching programs that equip our members to excel as individuals , in their marriages , with their families , and as leaders in their organizations.

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And it's finally live! We'll be starting on June 12th! WAHOO! In celebration, we're going to have a little fun here on the blog with a Six Day Joy Challenge!. Buy The 40 Day Joy Challenge for yourself, and GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE this . Times Bestselling author of The Principle, the Secret to a Joy-Filled Life.

Hi, I just camw across this and would like to go through it. Should i go ahead and sign up or is it over? Thank you. Hi Sue!

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You can totally go through the program! I am actually rewatching the videos myself because they are sooooo good!

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