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My Enemy's Son : The Two Moons of Rehnor, Book 2
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In Kyle's case, the serum turned him into an ageless werewolf, second in command of a small army of similarly empowered henchmen. Lady Shiva [] [] [] [] []. Lady Shiva is a deadly martial artist and the mother of Cassandra Cain. Mad Dog III []. Mad Dog is the son of David Cain, who had begun thinking about what he would leave behind when he died.

He wished for a "perfect child"—specifically a "perfect artisan of his craft". This led to the birth of Mad Dog. Nyssa Raatko []. Highly trained in the martial arts, Onyx first aligned herself with the League of Assassins before reforming and becoming a vigilante. She resides in Gotham City and is considered an ally of the Batman.

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She is a member of the Outsiders and the leader of the Fist Clan. Red Robin 1 August Owens is a sniper that was partnered up with Pru and Z to assassinate Red Robin. Owens was killed by Widower of the Council of Spiders. Razorburn was a member of the team Seven Men of Death.

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Sensei [] []. Strange Adventures November—December Silver Monkey is a martial artist who was trained by the Cult of the Monkey Fist.

As an assassin and mercenary, he has become an enemy of Batman and Green Arrow. He was eventually gunned down and killed by the Ventriloquist. Shellcase was part of the team the Seven Men of Death. Talia al Ghul [] [] [] []. She has been known to have several on again-off again romantic relationships with Batman.

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Green Arrow and Black Canary 9 August Targa is a telekinetic who is the leader of the League of Assassins' metahuman faction. He thinks that he is leading a group of the League of Assassins. They took orders from whom they thought was Ra's al Ghul to kidnap Connor Hawke. Tigris not to be confused with the Tigress is a member of the League of Assassins under Nyssa Raatko's leadership and a devout disciple of Cassandra Cain. She is recognized by her niqab. Ubu [] [] [].

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Years ago, Netz was defeated by the spy syndicate Spyral and imprisoned; suffering from Alzheimer's disease, he was locked away, but secretly escaped and brainwashed his jailer to take his place. Rudi Rosenharte, formerly a Stasi foreign agent, is sent to Trieste to rendezvous with his old lover and agent, Annalise Schering. However, his execution also had the by-effect of turning him into the human equivalent of a battery: When electricity comes into close proximity of his body, he can absorb it and store it within his cells, not only temporarily restoring the functionality of his body and Galvan's control over it, but also granting him some electricity-based powers like the ability to emit high-voltage electric jolts from his hands. He has been stopped by Batman in the past by applying a severe blow to the back of the neck. The Getaway Genius Roy Reynolds is a criminal and getaway mastermind who has encountered Batman several times.

Red Robin 3 October Vial is a member of the League of Assassins killed by Funnel, a member of their rival the Council of Spiders. Formerly an agent for Ra's al Ghul, Ra's gave Whisper a serum that grants her immortality and the ability to shapeshift. The Flamingo [] [] []. Nicknamed "the eater of faces" for his cannibalistic tendencies, Eduardo Flamingo is a psychotic hitman who works for the mob. The Jackanapes []. The Jackanapes is a gorilla in a clown costume that wields a machete and a sub-machine gun.

Max Roboto [] []. Max Roberto is a cyborg with a partially cybernetic face who operates in a futuristic timeline in which Damian Wayne is Batman.

The enemy's son

Phosphorus Rex [] []. Phosphorus Rex is a member of the Circus of Strange who is constantly on fire. His metahuman abilities make him immune to the harmful effects of fire. Professor Pyg [] [] [] [] []. Donning a pig mask, Lazlo Valentin is a mad scientist known for kidnapping people and brutally transforming them into minions that he calls " Dollotrons ".

The Weasel is a man with all canine teeth. He appears as an enemy of Damian Wayne in the future. Batman and Robin 18 January A former girlfriend of Bruce Wayne, Una Nemo received a bullet in her head and survived. Now, she is stalking and killing Bruce Wayne's former mistresses. Big Top []. Batman and Robin 2 September Big Top is a morbidly obese bearded man in a tutu.

He is part of the Circus of Strange. Dedalus []. Batman Incorporated 3 March Otto Netz is a mad scientist and the father of Kathy Kane, the original Batwoman. Years ago, Netz was defeated by the spy syndicate Spyral and imprisoned; suffering from Alzheimer's disease, he was locked away, but secretly escaped and brainwashed his jailer to take his place.

Netz was recruited by Leviathan to build a doomsday device, but died at the hands of Damian Wayne in order to save Batman and Nightwing. The Heretic [].

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Batman and Robin 12 April The mysterious Heretic is a clone of Damian Wayne, artificially aged and genetically enhanced by Talia al Ghul. He is Leviathan's most fearsome soldier, having killed both Knight and his "brother", Damian. Batman Annual 28 February The Id is a French supervillain who could awaken hidden desires in any human being with a mere touch. Sister Crystal turned his head into glass, with his brain always visible.

Jezebel Jet []. President of a small African nation, Jezebel Jet was a successful model and philanthropist who became romantically involved with Bruce Wayne.

However, she was also a high-ranking member of the Black Glove and agreed to seduce Wayne in exchange for the Black Glove murdering her adopted father and installing her as president. Her attempt to drive Batman insane failed due to Batman realizing she was a spy; she was ultimately murdered and decapitated by Man-Bat Commandos sent by Talia al Ghul. King Kraken [] [].

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Cora discovers her father is in trouble and the only person who can help her is the enemy's son, Nick Holloway. Her father couldn't have stolen a million dollars, so how is he going to replace it? In one week? Nick is ordered to take Cora out. The Enemy's Son book. Read 21 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Cora discovers her father is in trouble and the only person who ca.

King Kraken is an aquatic criminal from Sweden and a deep sea diver known to go up against Batman and Wingman. Toad [] []. Batman and Robin 1 August Toad is a mutated frog -man. Batman and Robin 26 August Ray Man is a French supervillain who can create visual illusions out of a hole in his head. While creating a mass illusion, Ray Man pretends to be a reality-warping god-like superbeing, Paradox.

Siam is a name used by conjoined triplets with a specialized fighting style.

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They are members of the Circus of Strange. Sister Crystal is a French supervillainess who has the ability to turn everything she touches into glass. The Skin Talker has a unique skin disease that make words appear on his body. He is fully in control of this ability, and the words on his skin have hidden hypnotic effects. The Son of Man [] []. As an infant, Norman S. Rotrig was mutilated by his insane father into becoming what his father believed was a living masterpiece of art. The Son of Man now has a permanent Glasgow smile on his face and retaliated against his father by dissecting him and keeping him alive in front a mirror, while still alive but in pieces.

Determined to turn Paris, France into a "work of art", the Son of Man is considered to be a French counterpart of the Joker. The Son of Pyg [] [] []. Batman Incorporated 4 March Janosz Valentin is the son of the infamous Professor Pyg. Janosz wears a similar pig mask to his father, but it is heavily damaged and has red eyes. He is a masochist who claims that he can teach others to feel no pain.

Swagman [] [] [] []. Batman and Robin 21 April A mysterious being of light who seeks to battle the darkness of Gotham City, the White Knight targeted the relatives of Arkham Asylum's inmates in order to save their souls by dressing them as angels and forcing them to commit suicide.

As a very resourceful and inventive serial killer, the White Knight's ultimate goal is to kill Arkham's inmates.