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I know the story well because you tell it at dinner parties, to new parents and to my boyfriends growing up. I remember the first. It has defined our bond. If you have love; you have something. You were always so vocal about it. You made sure I knew that you chose to love me. You told me explicitly that you loved me in every phone call, every evening we said goodnight, at least once a day and after every fight.

We even developed our own code for how much we loved each other. It is to the moon and back.

Shoebox Letters-Daughters To Dads

You have invited others into this circle and treated them as family. While I have seen people fall from your graces, everyone knows that if they needed you, you would whisper in their ear again. You have shown me the power this love instills. You have truly loved me unconditionally for my whole life. I am grateful. It does not mean you treat me like I have no faults.

You also have the right to be loved by both of them. That means you shouldn't feel guilty about wanting to see your dad or your mom at any time. It's important for you to have both parents in your life, particularly during difficult times such as a break-up of your parents. You do not have to choose one parent over the other. If you have an opinion about which parent you want to live with, let it be known. But nobody can force you to make that choice.

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If your parents can't work it out, a judge may make the decision for them. You're entitled to all the feelings you're having. Don't be embarrassed by what you're feeling. It is scary when your parents break up, and you're allowed to be scared.

Or angry. Or sad.

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Or whatever. You have the right to be in a safe environment. This means that nobody is allowed to put you in danger, either physically or emotionally. If one of your parents is hurting you, tell someone -- either your other parent or a trusted adult like a teacher. You don't belong in the middle of your parents' break-up. Sometimes your parents may get so caught up in their own problems that they forget that you're just a kid, and that you can't handle their adult worries.

If they start putting you in the middle of their dispute, remind them that it's their fight, not yours. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are still part of your life. Even if you're living with one parent, you can still see relatives on your other parent's side. You'll always be a part of their lives, even if your parents aren't together anymore. You have the right to be a child.

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Kids shouldn't worry about adult problems. Concentrate on your school work, your friends, activities, etc. Your mom and dad just need your love. They can handle the rest. All rights reserved.

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He never told me he was going to die. Shoebox Letters — Daughters to Dads is a beautiful compilation of letters that will upl ift and melt you. I learned that over the years. Your 70 th birthday has given me a good reason to reflect on our relationship at this stage of my life, and on what your role as my dad means to me. Daniel J. Your child's birthday or due date.

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Pipe, U. Cullen, F. It's human nature to seek out a partner in life, and to possibly marry and have children. Unfortunately the matrimonial establishment, as we are all aware, is being methodically torn down by a demoralized society.

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Sadly the divorce rate is still on the rise and the foundation of marriage is being devalued and is crumbling. As adults we learn to adapt and move on when divorce attacks our lives but for children this is another story. They are the real victims of divorce and unfortunately they will suffer dearly from our selfishness and in most cases follow the same path of destruction if not worse.

As a nation we have been granted certain civil rights by our constitution. Through the years it has been amended to better the lives of many Americans. The two most notable changes have come to Women in the s and with African Americans in the s. These rights were long overdue for both segments of our nation but thankfully we realized our mistakes and corrected them.

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This was not an easy journey for either of these crusades but through dedication and perseverance the bells of liberty rang loudly and victory was achieved. Unfortunately we have reached yet another fork in the road and with that comes another challenge to the American people. Ironically the pendulum has already swung far to one side and this time the male gender is being demonized by erroneous and fraudulent information.

Males are being portrayed as callus, uncaring, and without emotion. These and many other false statistics are being recklessly strewn throughout society and none of it is true. Yes, women are being abused by men that is a fact. Compound that with the fact that only 0. It was passed into law by Bill Clinton in and has been extended by every subsequent President.