Raid Across the Rio Bravo

Border Patrol Agents Shot at from Mexican Side of Rio Grande
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Constructed on a banged-up flatbed trailer, it featured shiny metallic monarch butterflies, a photographic backdrop of the river and a yellow kayak bolted onto a wooden sawhorse. One of the float-builders was Daniel Peralta, a retired Border Patrol officer who now devotes much of his spare time to organizing the Laredo Birding Festival.

He had volunteered to drive a donated pickup to pull the float the next day. All of that could be destroyed for a long time. B y , the theatrical battle had been replaced by a less violent ceremony in which the mayor handed over the key to the city to a young woman dressed as Pocahontas. The main attraction for visitors who traveled from across Texas in specially chartered railcars became the border itself.


The abrazo ceremony was born, and Nuevo Laredo hosted bullfights, rodeos and traditional street parties. The debutante ball began in , inspired by similar coming-of-age rituals across the American South. As we spoke, the six Marthas, as the debutantes are called, emerged from behind a red velvet curtain. The dresses were indeed spectacular, featuring traditional corseted waists and wide hoops bedazzled with thousands of shimmering hand-sewn beads.

She estimated the dress weighed 50 pounds. Amid a flourish of trumpets, the founding couple processed on stage to welcome their guests. With the aid of hand-holding male escorts, they navigated a maze of pillars and steps in wordless slow motion.

Crossing the border fence

Then came the climactic moment. As each Martha arrived at center stage, her escort helped her to her knees. She nearly disappeared into the shell of her dress before initiating a prolonged colonial bow that ended with her exquisitely coiffed hair hovering parallel to the stage. The Society of Martha Washington comprises exactly members. Non-legacy members are admitted only if there is an opening among the elect, and then only if no legacy members are in line ahead of them.

Cost is also a determining factor in membership. Others were simply indifferent. Before the ball started, I walked down San Bernardo Avenue, where hundreds of spectators were already laying claim to prime parade-viewing spots. Dovalina, who was sitting inside a camping tent with his wife and daughter, said the real fun was along the parade route, where people would play music, drink beer and grill until the wee hours of the morning. Just down the street, mechanic George Longoria said that his family has been camping out before the parade on the same street corner for 50 years. Though having a natural distaste for slavery, he grew to admire "the gallantry and determination of the Southerners" and develop a dislike for "the foolish bullying conduct of the Northerners.

Getting cotton to the Rio Grande involved sending caravans overland across Texas.

Published by the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI)

Before the war, camels had been introduced to the area by the Army, and 80 had been captured by the Confederates at Camp Verde, the outpost of the U. Camel Corps. While a mule could carry one bale of cotton, a camel could transport two. As such they were pressed into service, with a company of Texas Rangers assigned to maintain them. While practical beasts of burden for the terrain and climate, camels proved very disruptive.

At the sight or smell of them, horses, burros, and mules went into a frenzy. The Texas border town of Brownsville, which most of the cotton trade followed through, ordnances were passed to stop camels from walking around in the streets. Camel Caravan in Texas. Some foreign camel drivers came with the camels to train the Texans how to manage them. Before making it to Brownsville, Colonel Frenmantle was brought before a group of Confederate militia cavalry officers controlling the border:. These officers belonged to Duff's cavalry. The lifeblood of park neighbors in the villages will be drained without the support of U.

As a result, they will be more likely to resort to far more serious illegal activities in order to survive. Deckert was diplomatic, hopeful that a compromise suited to local circumstance and reality could be reached. But his chief river ranger, Marcos Paredes, was more outspoken.

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But people in San Vicente never even wanted a tourist economy. To say people in these villages pose a security threat is just absurd. Garza and Deckert have since retired from their careers as federal employees. Los Diablos are allowed to enter the U. But once entrenched in the federal bureaucracy, Homeland Security has been as onerous along the Rio Grande as many people feared. Young people in Marathon, Alpine, and other Big Bend communities got up a drive to row clothing and food to mid-river and hand the bags across; but Boquillas, remembered and loved by many Americans, has now all but emptied out.

Its future is sure—a ghost town. The new day on the Texas-Mexico border has been most evident in its emptiest stretches. But the Bush administration recently announced that Border Patrol agents would henceforth be free to deport people with no legal recourse at all on nothing more than a hunch that aliens might have terrorist intent.

Nope, just dump them back across and let them go straight to another ford and wade or roll across with their lethal cargo. Federal agencies with border authority are being merged into the new Department of Homeland Security, and local officers have been eager to demonstrate their vigilance.

Democrats blame Trump's migration policies for drowning of man and daughter

Eighteen miles upriver from Lajitas, across the massif of maroon rock, is the hamlet of Redford. A book-filled house on the highway is the home of a perennially outraged man named Enrique Madrid. They decided then that military troops were a perfect fit on the Rio Grande, fighting another vaguely defined war.

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Madrid, an accomplished historian and an archaeological steward, has been waging an unending war of his own—a war of pride—against perceived slander of his neighbors and community. The boy was killed by U. Mexican children of families on the other side had long come across the river and attended school in Redford, having no school of their own. From the river crossing they followed a well-worn path up the bank.

The kids clambered over the rocks, but to Madrid it was one more indignity in an avalanche of insults. When Taggart closes off the rancher's water supply, Lash La Rue is sent for.

Learning he is arriving, Taggart sends his gang to kill him. But they get the wrong man and Lash and Fuzzy set In Laramie, Wayne discovers his brother Brad is an outlaw, but he refuses to An ex-cavalry sergeant, being escorted to prison after being convicted of a crime he didn't commit, finds himself leading the remnants of a unit that has been under Indian attack at a fort Outlaws attempting to kidnap Steve Blaine from a stagecoach are ran off by the sharpshooting of his sister, Sally and rescuers Jimmy Wakely and Cannonball Taylor.

Sloan is killed after Wakely learns that ore is being smuggled across the Mexican border into the mine, and then sold at the higher U. This was broadcast on TCM and pressing the info button on the remote we're informed that " A young man becomes the captive of silver-ore smugglers while investigating the murder of his father " You can forgiven for thinking that despite the Hays Code being heavily enforced there is a good chance of a gritty tale being told where the upstanding hero is at the mercy of cruel and sadistic villains similar to the later Western WILL PENNY.

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As the sun rises on Christmas Day, , forty-year-old Texas Ranger Captain, Jesse Taylor, and his nephew, 8th Cavalry Lt. Samuel Taylor, enjoy a smoke and a cup of hot, strong coffee on the south porch of the two-story Rocking T ranch house. Dawn, Christmas Day, , the Taylor Ranch, Big Bend country, Texas. The Big House is filled with family and guests from nearby Terlingua for a happy.

That's not how this film pans out From the outset before a line of dialogue is spoken the tone of the film is set by having a musical soundtrack that borders on the frivolous and this sums up the film which is very silly , unlikely and despite incorporating several genres does none of them effectively. We get comedy scenes , a musical number and the plot proper involves an innocent man facing the gallows and the good guys trying to get to the bottom of a mystery. It has all the hallmarks of a B movie churned out by a film studio to be shown just before the main feature and no matter what the main feature was it couldn't have been any worse than this one.

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On patrol America's most dangerous border, the Rio Grande

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Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. I was still pledged to secrecy, and it weighed heavily upon me. Only Mackenzie and myself in that trusting com- mand knew to the contrary, and the possible outcome of failure or disaster from any indeterminate or unforeseen cause.

The Backdoor to the Confederacy, Camels, Union Insurgents, and a Texan Lynching.

He Mackenzie had revolved all these chances in his own mind, and doubtless had carefully canvassed pro and con all probabilities and possibilities. He had told me on the night I had spent with him writing letters, making out requisitions, and assisting him in his plans by suggestions, etc. General Grant refers to him in his personal memoirs as ' ' The most promising young officer in the Army. The river was reached shortly after eight p. We waited for some time in the middle of the stream, the water being about up to our saddle girths, for the head of the column to gain the opposite bank, which, steep and treacherous, retarded its advance.