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Exploring Love’s True Nature
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I love the back-and-forth between the lead and backup singers, and the great "you need more" chanting. Yeah, Prometeo is on the right track about the meaning. Here's my interpretation: The song is speaking to some one in a "rut," probably really jaded, depressed, or even afraid to get out and meet people. Either way, the person is feeling unfulfilled in their life and they "need more.

The chorus is about not needing all the superficial and shallow things that people might gravitate towards in their attempts at finding love. But hell, as Prometeo stated, the song's a bit cynical in stating that these things do help a bit :P At the end of the "you need more" chanting sections, the last line is "you need love. Sort of reminds me of old-school sidescroller video games mixed with the randomness of Monty Python.

Haha, I always find it amusing when the first few people are surprised that nobody else is making comments What do you expect?! Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! We do not have any tags for Love Etc. Why not add your own? Log in to add a tag. More Pet Shop Boys Lyrics. Stuart, who has become wealthy in America, and remarried and redivorced, is protected from the world by his lack of imagination he says things like: 'I'm suspicious of people comparing things with other things' ; Oliver, meanwhile, has always attempted to protect himself from the world with his wild and whirling words and his faith in: 'Love, etc.

That has always been my formula, my theory, my wisdom. I knew it at once, as an infant knows its mother's smile. This novel deals with the breakdown of Oliver's faith, the realisation that 'The world, being constructed as it is, will not allow [for fantasy]. Realism is our given, our only mode, triste truth as it might be to some.

His list of likes includes 'that moment when you change gear and your passenger's beloved head does not even stir on its spinal column, risotto nero, the third act trio from Rosenkavalier He is the romantic child starved of affection - his mother died when he was a boy, his father took it out on him and his 'wife disgraced him by crying at his funeral'. His version of the world is a seductive one and it can take us almost anywhere with all the vitality of Barnes's most beguiling intelligence.

But despite the intellectual bravado of this voice, there is no triumph here for 'Oliver-speak'; Oliver earns his living pushing junk mail through letter boxes while writing screenplays in his head that will never get written. Gillian, touchingly, marks up the newspaper for him every morning to try to interest him in the world beyond his head: 'But news delights me not, nor features neither. All he resolves eventually is that: 'Stuart bores me. Gillian bores me. I bore me. That, it also seems, is the message of Barnes's sparkling little novel, which ends with the question it dramatises, the question we are all stuck with: 'What do you think?

Topics Books. Yet what, as all the great moralists and philosophers have noted, has logic got to do with life? That's a thought, isn't it? A pungent pensee. And here's another: Hallyday was half Belgian. On his father's side. Stuart In I was four years old. Just for the record. Gillian Actually, I don't think I do put people into categories. It's just that if there are two people in the world I understand, they're Stuart and Oliver.

After all, I have been married to both of them. Stuart Logic. Did someone use the word? I'll give you logic.

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You go away, and people think you've stayed the same. That's the worst piece of logic I've come across in years. Oliver Misprise me not about les Belges, by the way. When some jaunty little dinner-table patriot ups and demands 'Name me six famous Belgians', I'm the one with his hand in the air. Undeterred by the words 'Apart from Simenon'. It may not be to do with her being French at all.

It could be middle-age. A process that happens to some, if not necessarily all of us. With Gill the train is coming into the station roughly on time, steam activating its beloved whistle and the boiler a tad hot and bothered. But ask yourself when Stuart became middle-aged and the only area for debate is whether it was before or after his testicles descended. Have you seen that photo of him in his pram wearing a little three-piece suit and pinstripe nappies?

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"Love Etc." is a song by English synthpop duo Pet Shop Boys from their tenth studio album, Yes (). It was released on 16 March as the album's lead​. Official lyrics to the Pet Shop Boys' song “Love etc.”.

Whereas Oliver? Oliver long ago decided - no, knew instinctively - that middle-age was infra dig, declasse and generally below the salt as a condition. Oliver is planning to compress middle-age into a single afternoon of lying down with a migraine. He believes in youth, and he believes in wisdom, and plans to pass from wise youth to young wisdom with the help of a palmful of paracetamol and an eye mask from some exotic airline. Stuart Someone once pointed out that you can recognise a complete egomaniac by the way they refer to themselves in the third person. Even royalty doesn't use the royal plural any more.

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But there are sportsmen and rock stars who talk about themselves like that, as if it was normal. Have you noticed? Bobby So-and-So's accused of cheating, to win a penalty or something, and he replies, 'No, that's not the sort of thing Bobby So-and-So would do. Which is hardly the case with Oliver. You couldn't exactly call him famous, could you? Yet he refers to himself as 'Oliver', as if he was an Olympic gold medallist.

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Or a schizophrenic, I suppose. Oliver What do you think of North-South debt restructuring? The future prospects of the euro? The smile on the face of the tiger economies? Have metal traders exorcised the ghost of the meltdown scare? I'm sure Stuart has robust and portly opinions on all such matters. He will be not so much grave as positively gravid. I'll bet you six famous Belgians he doesn't know the difference between the two words.

He's the sort of person who expects the word gravid to be followed by lax, silly old fishface that he is. A billboard for probity, and all that. But a little, shall we say, lacking in irony?

The English lexicon of interpersonal affect: Love, etc

Gillian Look, stop it, you two. Just stop it. This isn't working. What sort of impression do you think you're giving? Oliver What did I tell you? The train is coming into the station, puff puff, huff huff Gillian If we're getting into this again, we have to play by the rules.

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No talking amongst ourselves. Anyway, who's going to take Sophie to music? Stuart Are you interested in pork? Real pork, with real taste?