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The Six Facets of the ”Neither-Either” Terms

ESA Lesson plan of Uses of 'Either/Neither' by Mehwish Yousuf. Level: Advanced . Number: Age: years old. Duration 45 minutes, using the target. LESSON PLAN EIGHT. Aim: To teach students sentence structures using 'either or', 'neither nor' and 'both and'. Either Or/Neither Nor.

English grammar tips with Gymglish, online English lessons. Still facing difficulties with 'Either and neither'? Improve your English with Gymglish - try our English lessons for free now and receive a free level assessment!

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Speaking Activity: Five High Fives (So, Too, Neither, Not Either)

Find out about other grammar rules. Improve your English further and test Gymglish, online English lessons. Either and neither Understanding grammar is key to understanding a language. Either is used in negative constructions, while neither is used in affirmative constructions. What about you? Do you have any? This guy hates Americans, and he doesn't like French people either. This guy does not like Americans, and he also doesn't like French people. If this is the first time that they have come across these terms, it is unlikely that they will have many to offer, and this is where you come in.

There are approximately three different ways to use neither and either respectively, and it is greatly helpful to students when these different rules are split into bite size, manageable chunks. Split the board up into six numbered sections, and then walk them through the following rules with examples:.

English Vocabulary: Either, Or, Neither, Nor

Students generally get to grips with this term quickly, whereas the neither and either terms will of course take a little more time. Instead of bogging the minds of the pupils with ancillary knowledge, try to keep this section of the plan as condensed as possible. There will always be more time to go over any odd exceptions to the rule later. Now it is time for a simple, practical demonstration to cement the difference in the minds of your students.

Grab some fruit, whatever you can find lying around at home, and place them on a desk in front of the students. Activities , Games , Literacy Center Ideas. Avoiding repetition either, neither, nor, so, too. Grammar practice for ESL students.

Worksheets , Handouts , Assessment. Activities , Posters , Task Cards. Correlative Conjunctions. Students read 2 sentences and decide which one is correct.

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They complete a recording sheet. Yearlong Grammar fun bundled together with a calendar to help you plan ahead. Grammar Rules and activities packaged together to provide a fun engaging exercise.

Engaging Neither-Either-Too ESL Lesson

These 5th grade grammar activities are a self-contained, no maintenance way for you to target the grammar skills covered in the Language Ar. Activities , Printables , Literacy Center Ideas. However, the first few worksheets can be used in Grade 1 to teach the basic concept of conjunctions. Coordinating, subordinating and correlative conjunctions are covered.

There is also a poster of commonly used conjunctions.

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The TO. Kindergarten , 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd , Homeschool. Worksheets , Activities. Winter Comprehension. Print or use on an iPad! Vocabulary , Speech Therapy , Winter.

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Kindergarten , 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd. Thematic Unit Plans , Activities , Multimedia. If you're looking for a better way to model and teach revising and editing, mentor sentences are the perfect tool. These pages students take the grammar concepts they are learning about and apply it in their own writing, right away. This is a visually attractive step-by-step explanation and activity booklet on subject-verb agreement, starting with a fun, interactive activity using contemporary music and student participation.

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Booklet pages 2. Answer key: 12 pages. PowerPoint Presentation wit. Specific Correlative Conjunctions in this resource:either. Worksheets , Handouts.

Learn the words that all students of English need to know. If you're looking for a better way to model and teach your fifth graders revising and editing, mentor sentences are the perfect tool.