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Part love story and part "Science-non-fiction", the narrator wants to become immortal and tries everything possible to achieve his goal. If Rimbaud hadn't died, what would he have become? The poet learns of his own death in the newspapers; at first shocked by this mistake, he then decides to start on a whole new life.

Six members of a family on the brink of implosion shout their revolt. Some still want to believe in a better world when others want to blast the lies and hypocrisy of a time without redemption. This novel is a portrait of a society that allows selfishness to prevail over any social or moral idea.

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A literary puzzle in which the protagonist is a painter who no longer paints. Frank Logan, a policeman in Silicon Valley, is in charge of a special case: finding Ada, an artificial intelligence robot designed to write romance novels. Faced with this computer program which speaks, has a sense of humour, gives its opinion, and who is not stopped by police, Frank is distraught.

At the head of a thriving business in New Mexico, married to the beautiful Sarah and father of three children, Walker, 43, gives all the appearances of success. However, he hates his busy lifestyle and decides to stage his death. Detective Nick Shepherd, convinced that Walker is still alive, is looking for him.


Following a stroke, a famous painter is confined to a wheelchair. His life of exhibitions, travels and freedom comes to an end. Convinced that his marriage is the cause of all his troubles, he starts writing in secret. One day his wife discovers the manuscript.

The story of an insomniac who became a murderer to order to "find sleep". The story of Amir, a prosperous merchant from Fez, who has a "temporary wife" called Nabu, a Peul woman from Dakar. In March , under the reign of Hassan II, ninety-four students are punished for demonstrating peacefully in the streets of the big cities of Morocco with nineteen months detention.

The narrator is one of them. A group of men meet regularly to tell each other about their love lives. They do not judge each other or comment, they just listen. A French couple on the run in the United States go to the theatre to see a classic. The play tells the story of a couple in the Middle Ages who refused to submit to the law and were condemned to death.

Little by little, the spectators sought by the police merge with the characters on stage. The tender world of a writer in search of inspiration and love. A student is invited to join a young woman in New York to help her unravel the mystery surrounding her boyfriend Dragan, a Romanian art critic who has been accused of murder. The intersecting destinies of an American serial killer in the 90s and a Soviet physicist wrongly convicted during Stalin's regime.

A fictional novel on the life of Saul Kaloyannis, a Greek soldier defeated by the Turks in September In , the novelist Marc Bernard is sent to Sarcelles by his publisher. His mission is to settle for three months in this new city and bring back a book of testimony. The narrator inherits 1, books from a mother he has never known. Should he accept the inheritance of someone who abandoned him? Who was the woman hidden behind these books? In this humorous and satirical novel, French TV celebrities meet characters of French history; Nabilla and Lacan, Charlot and migrants.


The story of a woman in France in the 50s. The guy in question, who bears the name of Kara-something throughout the story, his name is constantly mispronounced, to the extent that his actual name remains a mystery was drafted to go to Algeria to fight. And crisis like unemployment of the husband? A beautiful piece of writing. To view it, click here. In Geneva, he presides over the Pole Autism Foundation. He moves heaven and earth and steps up the investigation which is unfolding at a rhythm set by the seemingly very calm Superintendent Yamada.

Prix Maison de la Presse Philippe Besson tells his heartbreaking secret love story with Thomas Andrieu , and whose outcome is tragic. A young man recalls the summer when he was eighteen, spent with his father on the Atlantic coast.

He feels deep hatred towards his father and his old grievances resurface. In the lobby of a hotel, a woman meets a man who will change her life. Buenos Aires, Julia has inherited her grandmother's gift of seeing the future. On the death of Peron, Julia gets involved in the clandestine resistance movement.

Crime committed on an isolated Norwegian island has grave consequences for the situation in France. Two detectives are investigating the death of Roland Barthes among the French intellectual milieu and discover the existence of a secret society, the Logos Club. They soon have to face the hostility of big cereal farmers and livestock producers.


First novel. Eleven uplifting stories, with unexpected turns and twists, where characters are the subjects of a possible new life. Two parties are being planned on the island. Cabaret artists, writers, doctors, prostitutes, prisoners, patients, musicians, and poets all find themselves attempting to fight against the destruction of the world and find hope.

A journalist ventures around the Persian Gulf and discovers a world of fascinating excess, where anything can happen, the best as well as the worst. When Roetgen arrives in Tsientsin, China, he meets Beverly, a deliciously eccentric woman, twenty years his senior. They become lovers. As Beverly reveals certain parts of her eventful life, she asks Roetgen, like a Sheherazade, to tell her stories as incredible as her own life. We follow the life of the main character, from the immigration of his Spanish parents until their departure from Algeria at the beginning of the 60s, and the commitment of the son as a surgeon to the Allies in Working as a wedding photographer, a young man records the moments of fear, hope and joy of the couples around him.

The job makes him question his own professional and emotional choices. An aging professor goes to the opening of an exhibition of paintings by Alexandre Laudin - a former student who has become a celebrity in the art world. He cannot imagine for a moment how this reunion will change his life. A great and beautiful book like a love letter, a list of wonders and visions by the solitary writer and poet.

Her sister begins to find Lila's behaviour threatening, to the point of suspecting her to be at the origin of the death of their mother. The story of a family of four daughters — arguments, worries, tears and love. Christophe Bolstanski tells the story of his grandfather who had to remain hidden during WW2. The autobiography of a passionate biographer and how her works about Romain Gary, Gala Dali, Stefan Zweig, Camille Claudel, Colette, and many more, became her own personal story.

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A writer accepts the challenge of an expedition to a jungle in Venezuela. Prix de la Vocation In a Caribbean village, Serena Otero is the heir to a sugar plantation and distils the best rum in the region. Intrepid travellers in search of a year-old treasure regularly visit the plantation. A member of the French Foreign legion returns home to discover the culprit of the death of his brother, murdered twenty years earlier during a strike.

The narrator dreams of becoming a writer and abandons his studies. He becomes an assistant in a luxury shop and falls in love with Natasha, a woman who has more experience than him. May Five young Jews follow the course of the Loire River, hoping to join the ocean and embark for America. But the meanders are numerous and perilous.

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Pursued by the police for speeding, Benoit panics and decides to hide. He doesn't want to confront his father, a policeman.