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Went to area indicated by red circle on map 2.

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Initiated levemete quest 3. Began mining 4.

Vanishing Point

Reply With Quote. Greetings, Thank you for posting your concerns about the "Vanishing Point" red circle mining points. I have made sure to submit all of your information to the development team and they will thoroughly investigate this matter, based on your report.

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that a direct response will be posted on this thread, but I do recommend checking Here or Here for any details regarding the development team's investigation.


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I go look at them just to pass time or to see if anything new pops up on there. Trying to keep informed in the drag racing world.

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Thanks for the INFO. Damn shame another buisiness falls to the way side.

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I thought they where a good company. Instead, the show offers up lots of vague, ponderous references to a disturbing darkness or stain within William, without ever adequately explaining what that means in practice.

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And, truth be told, there are some deeply poignant character beats in this episode as well. Bernard Jeffrey Wright electing to abandon Elsie Shannon Woodward in the middle of nowhere to prevent himself from physically harming her again is quietly heartbreaking, all the more so given that his former co-worker will probably never truly understand his actions.

Levemete Vanishing Point Can't Finish

Not even you. Elsie : Oh, you're gonna hurt me. Ben says you kicked me out and she responds with and you left. Hanna Byrd is currently reading it Oct 31, Bob Vance Vance Refrigeration is still alive? They weren't in the same place then, and they aren't now.

Ford appearing like a digital phantom to Maeve Thandie Newton and confessing his profound, paternal affection for her is an unexpectedly moving moment.