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Fate (A Choices Novel) - Kindle edition by Sydney Lane, Erin Giblin, Kathy Krick. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. S. Simone Chavous is an International Best Selling Choices of Fate (Fate Series Book 1) by [Chavous, S. Simone.

Read the story! Brody has been hurt before and while that's no secret, the events that he has no knowledge of and the things that Quince has kept from him will leave you wondering You have a wonderful, gorgeous guy, ready to give up the single status he has clung too. A guy who is who is giving her everything. Everything that every girl before her has wanted, that he would give no one else. Why does she not let him in? This book is 4. Why not 5?

I wish there was more of their future in it and a little less of the past. I've been there and read that. While I enjoyed reading it all happen again, I wanted more of the future. More past, "I Hate You".

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I wanted to read a full out Happily Ever After. Read and see if you get it. Jun 26, Renee rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc.

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I hold you dear to my heart; I can see your perfection as there are no mistakes that I can see! I love the characters just as much now as I did before. More subjects that hit home again and which makes it close to me. I didn't give up on her. She gave up on me. When the shit hit the fan, she asked for someone else. She asked for him. End of story. It's kind of ironic that I've always believed in Fate, and it was Fate who kicked the shit out of me. It's only now that I see things clearly. Fate can lead you down a road, but you can't control what happens along the way.

You can't make decisions for someone else.

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Sometimes, maybe you misread the signs, and Fate wasn't involved at all. You just wanted something so bad, you tried to make it happen yourself. But there is one thing that keeps you believing Dec 03, Kylee rated it it was amazing. Brody's POV!!!

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  • Choices of Fate - Book 1 in the Fate Series | Fate series | Free kindle books, Free books, Book 1.

And it does SOOO much justice to his character! After reading Choices book 1 I despised Brody's character, even though I secretly loved him. Hey, I have a thing for the bad boys I love the inside snipits we get from Brody. Why he is the way he is, why he does what he does. We also start to see why he can't just get over Quincy.

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Brody strives to be the better man, better brother to Declan Brody's POV aims to please. I got the lus Brody's POV!!! I got the lustful side of him and what he experiences when he's with Quincy, and goodness that definitely does NOT disappoint! With Quincy, I know that Declan is the safe guy and Brody is all sorts of bad news Brody's reactions to the barriers in the story are more heartfelt and we get a little more of the story from where book 1 left off. I absolutely love the last line in the book: "No, not backwards. Not even sideways. Fate just got it right.

Great series! And I know some people have a hard time with another character POV, but trust me this one explains from a whole new angle and so much more! Jul 02, Katie rated it really liked it. I loved the first book in this series, Choices, and couldn't wait to read Fate. I loved reading the story from Brody's point of view and knowing what he was thinking. Brody is one of my favorite book boyfriends of I am looking forward to reading Declan's book when it comes out.

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I also hope that Declan and Brody's friendship can go back to the way it was before Quincy came along, and not be as strained as it seems to be now. Hopefully once Declan meets his girl, he will realize Qunicy never I loved the first book in this series, Choices, and couldn't wait to read Fate. Hopefully once Declan meets his girl, he will realize Qunicy never was the one for him, that way he and Brody will get their friendship back and things won't be so awkward when they are around one another. I also hope that Seth gets his own book.

I liked his character in Fate, and I am curious to know what his story is. Once again, Sydney Lane wrote a fantastic book that I could not put down. I can't wait to read more from this amazing author! Feb 09, Valerie Mcqueen rated it it was amazing. Come on now, how often do we ever get to see the drama of love beginning from a male point of view. A very gorgeous droolworthy male may I add WHo ever thought this concept up was genius. I love how exposed Brody is and how raw the emotions are portrayed.

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Lane made Brody come to life like he was one of our best friends This whole series is very intense. It makes the reader feel as the characters do. Each one keeps getting better and better. Brody I am alw love this book! Brody I am always in your corner!!! Sometimes it does pay to be the bad guy lol.

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After a day of cancer detection, Caleb collapses and Tobias is there to help him and his foster sister. Having said that, I think her decision on how to handle her own indecision was a smart one, and it gave her the perspective she needed to make the right choice. Previous Philosophy, Morality, and Ethics. The novel was the basis of a film of the same name. Excluding Off-topic Review Activity. Change language. What People are Saying.

Great read, great characters and I am telling you it is one of those that make you mad that you are finished reading Feb 01, Dimaris rossy rated it it was amazing. Thank you for filling the blanks! For those of you who read Choices, you will love Fate! You already have an idea of Brody's personality in mind, but with this book you see his point of view. I needed that and the author gave me more than I expected.

With this book you get to fall in love, you get to see him grow up and become a man. You even get intrigue by, other characters, his friends. I was so excited and anxious to get to the end of the book, because reading Choices I new that he was devas Thank you for filling the blanks!

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I was so excited and anxious to get to the end of the book, because reading Choices I new that he was devastated and I needed to know how he managed. I also think the author gave a great future to this couple, and the story as well as the ending is beautiful. This book really gives meaning to the saying: "you need to hear both sides before you make a decision. I enjoyed the first book in the series but I never really connected with Brody's character. But yay for this book because I was able to do that good, since this book is his POV!

I still like Declan better and I can't wait for his book but seeing the struggle Brody went through and how much he really loved Quincy, I was able to forgive he and Quincy for breaking Declan's heart. There isn't a lot of new material to this book since it is a re-telling Finally!

Choices of Fate

There isn't a lot of new material to this book since it is a re-telling of the first but I still recommend it because it will help you understand what Brody was going through. Aug 12, Lisa A rated it really liked it. I didn't realize this book was Brody's POV. I liked Brody's point of view, you got to know him better.

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What I loved the most is the ending of this book. It gives you a Happily Ever After. A Declean book with a new love interest would be nice not his pov to the same story and a Eric and Jenna book too.

Good cast of characters. Love Brody!! Nov 20, Angie Merriam rated it it was amazing. Fate is fantastic! I really enjoyed Choices, but I loved Fate. The constant internal struggle he deals with shatters the bad boy image he has in Choices and makes you want to root for him and Quincy. Declan is next to have his voice heard and I can't wait to read his thoughts and feelings. Love this series! Feb 10, Joanne Martinez rated it it was amazing.