Fairy Tale Factory Volume 1: Six short fairy tales, some with unhappy endings

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Hide and Seek BR by Katy Grant 2 volumes Fourteen-year-old Chase lives in the remote mountains of Arizona with his mother, stepfather, and two sisters. When Chase discovers two kidnapped boys, he comes up with a plan to get them to safety—but then is caught up in a dangerous adventure. I Choose You! Lawn Boy Returns BR by Gary Paulsen 1 volume With advice from a stockbroker, a twelve-year-old lawn boy has more money than he imagined possible.

At sea, she encounters pirates who want to eat her. In the circus, she is chased by a lion. In a foreign bazaar, she is locked in a cage. What should she do next? Masters of Disaster BR by Gary Paulsen 1 volume Twelve-year-old Henry invites his best friends Reed and Riley to join in a series of adventures to prove their bravery and possibly impress girls.

When pampered fourteen-year-old Ben Orville is on his way to the market, he is kidnapped and forced into back-breaking labor aboard the ill-reputed oystering vessel the Ella Dawn.

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I am Paddle-to-the-Sea. Caldecott Honor Book. They travel to Norway, where they must rescue a poet imprisoned in the dreadful Black Castle. On a camping trip with his mother, eleven-year-old Jack, an expert on all things elephant, wakes up alone—his mother has deserted him.

Jack does not panic or ask an adult for help, but instead sets out to find her on his own. They discover that something has gone very wrong with time, people have disappeared, and danger lurks everywhere. For preschool-grade 2.

Fish School DB 0 hours 10 minutes by Nancy Poydar read by Mimi Bederman When Charlie brings his pet goldfish to school for show-and-tell, his teacher invites the class to visit an aquarium. Charlie's decision to secretly bring his goldfish in his backpack leads to much confusion before a happy ending.

Ghost Dog Secrets DB 4 hours 35 minutes by Peg Kehret read by Erik Sandvold Determined to help an injured dog chained outdoors in frigid weather, sixth grader Rusty calls animal control. When that fails, Rusty takes matters into his own hands, aided by his best friend Andrew and a ghost collie. Following the collie leads Rusty to a secret.

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The goose thinks a boy is his mother. All three have fun together. Then one night the duck and the goose go away with a policeman—but the boy finds them. Easy reader.

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Meanwhile, across an ocean Mrs. October 2, Platinum All-time Favorites. People believed in witches, oracles, devils, fairies, dwarfs, vampires etc. There are also great geographical differences of folk and fairy tales, for example there are about variants of Cinderella, including male Cinderellas. John read by Jill Fox When a stranger lays claim to her grandmother's Sawubona Game Reserve, eleven-year-old Martine—who communes with animals—reacts. The unlikely pair work together to restore Maldwyn, a wounded raven, to his rightful place serving Queen Victoria in The Tower. She does not believe that he can shape the dough into cookies.

Half Brother DB 9 hours 18 minutes by Kenneth Oppel read by Daniel Di Tomasso Thirteen-year-old Ben's scientist parents adopt a baby chimpanzee, Zan, who will live in their home and learn sign language. Two years later Zan has developed a frightening temper, the grant money has run out, and Ben's parents want to give Zan away. Ben disagrees. When winter arrives little yellow bird flies south and Rocket practices until spring, when his new friend and teacher returns. For preschool-grade 2 and older readers.

Julia Gillian and the Dream of the Dog DB 3 hours 16 minutes by Alison McGhee read by Mare Trevathan Sixth grader Julia Gillian faces many challenges: starting middle school with more homework, having a third-grade reading buddy who doesn't like to read, and coping with grief as her beloved Saint Bernard, Bigfoot, nears the end of his life. He aims to win a blue ribbon at the county fair with Little Joe, but after growing more attached to the animal, Eli doesn't want to sell him.

Lulu and the Dog from the Sea DB 1 hour 9 minutes by Hilary McKay read by Jill Fox When seven-year-old Lulu and her family go to a seaside cottage on vacation, they are warned to stay away from a thieving dog who lives on the beach. But animal-lover Lulu decides to make friends with the pooch—and something unexpected happens.

Lulu and the Duck in the Park DB 1 hour 6 minutes by Hilary McKay read by Margaret Strom Lulu, who loves animals, brings an abandoned duck egg to school, even though her teacher has banned Lulu from bringing animals to school ever again. Magic at the Bed and Biscuit DB 1 hour 22 minutes by Joan Carris read by David de Vries The family of animals at the Bed and Biscuit boardinghouse are expected to welcome and protect Malicia, a mean-spirited city chicken who tours with a magic show.

But they are afraid of Malicia's temper—and her powers.

Adventures in (mostly) reading, and (sometimes) needlework and other artsy endeavors...

From the moment Linus, a timid twelve-year-old American boy, steps off the airplane in Liberia, black mamba poisonous snakes figure prominently in his life. Linus soon discovers his "kaseng," or affinity, with these creatures and keeps one in a laundry hamper—with disastrous results. Putter signs up for a marathon when Mrs. Teaberry tells him that one of the prizes is a train set. At the race, he falls behind the other runners until he receives unexpected help from Mrs. Teaberry's dog Zeke. Five short chapters.

When she is lost outdoors in a storm, Celeste convinces an osprey to fly her back to Joseph. But when baby elephant Ruby arrives, Ivan decides that he must find her a better life. The Outside of a Horse DB 7 hours 30 minutes by Ginny Rorby read by Jill Fox When her father returns from the Iraq War with an amputated leg and post-traumatic stress disorder, thirteen-year-old Hannah seeks solace in working with rescued horses—never thinking that the abused horses could also help her father recover.

She wins the part of princess in the class play on condition that she improve her behavior. Taking her Newfoundland puppy Hercules to obedience class teaches Fran some lessons too. Rascal describes their adventures running and hunting in the Louisiana bayous and remembers the day an accident put Meely in danger.

Grimm brothers’ fairytales have blood and horror restored in new translation

War Horse DB 3 hours 56 minutes by Michael Morpurgo read by David Cutler Joey, a horse, recalls his experiences growing up on an English farm, his struggle for survival when sold to the cavalry during World War I, and his reunion with Albert, his beloved master. Bender, also called Grampa, runs an animal boarding house, the Bed and Biscuit, with the help of his pets—miniature pig Ernest, mynah bird Gabby, and young cat Milly.

They all feel jealous when Grampa's attentions become focused on caring for a sick Scottie puppy. They include a Canada goose with an arrow through its neck, a muskrat with an infected foot, and orphaned fox kits. But first she must deal with her worst fear: the Great X. She decides to compete against him at the county fair. Early chapter book. The Boy in the Garden BR by Allen Say 1 volume The bronze statue of a tall bird in a garden reminds young Jiro of the Japanese folktale his mother told him about a grateful crane.

Entering an empty cottage, Jiro encounters his own version of that tale. Creepy Carrots! BR by Aaron Reynolds 1 volume The carrots that grow in Crackenhopper Field are the fattest and crispiest around, and Jasper Rabbit cannot resist snacking on some each time he passes by.

Edited by Jack Zipes

But then Jasper begins hearing and seeing creepy carrots wherever he goes. The Dog Who Belonged to No One BR by Amy Hest 1 volume A stormy day brings together two lonely beings: Lia, a girl living in a little crooked house with her parents, who are bakers; and a small stray dog with crooked ears who wishes for a home. Gator on the Loose! Keisha Carter and her father, younger brother Razi, and grandmother must capture a live alligator in the town swimming pool.

Her campaign includes drawing a dog named Chip-Up, taping him on a skateboard, and walking him in the park. Lulu and the Duck in the Park BR by Hilary McKay 1 volume Lulu, who loves animals, brings an abandoned duck egg to school, even though her teacher has banned Lulu from bringing animals to school ever again. Minn of the Mississippi BR by Holling Clancy Holling 1 volume Follows the adventures of Minn, a three-legged snapping turtle, who makes a twenty-five-hundred-mile trip from her birthplace in Minnesota at the headwaters of the Mississippi River down to the Gulf of Mexico.

Large animal shapes and noises frighten her, but then Nini hears human voices calling her home. Owney, a stray dog, is adopted by the workers at the U.

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First Owney guards mail pouches. Then he travels by train with the mail and collects depot tags, which he wears proudly. Based on a true story. BR by Bill Martin 1 volume Zoo animals from polar bear to walrus make their distinctive sounds for one another.

Adventures in (mostly) reading, and (sometimes) needlework and other artsy endeavors...

This collection of brand-new fairy tales takes its inspiration from the Brothers Grimm and Italo Calvino's "Italian Folktales." Meet a magical cat who'll do anything for a bowl of gravy, free a young girl whose mysterious birthright is sewn into. Fairy Tale Factory Volume 1: Six Short Fairy Tales, Some with Unhappy Endings [​Karen Deblauw, Brett Boyette, Amy Leigh Morgan] on cingbekselewe.cf *FREE*.

Then the zookeeper hears children imitating the animals.