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Boris Johnson Sank Kim Darroch to Please Donald Trump - The Atlantic

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The downfall of ambassador Kim Darroch

Trudy Rubin. The Supreme Court is thinking about giving police a new excuse to pull you over Opinion. Clarity is key in Trump impeachment proceedings.

The Angry Grammarian. Angry Grammarian. Patient voices should drive celiac disease treatments beyond the gluten-free diet Opinion. Alice Bast, For The Inquirer.

Ron Berler, for the Hartford Courant. Tragedy a too-costly lesson about mental health treatment access Editorial.

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The Inquirer Editorial Board. The Times of Israel covers one of the most complicated, and contentious, parts of the world.

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Determined to keep readers fully informed and enable them to form and flesh out their own opinions, The Times of Israel has gradually established itself as the leading source of independent and fair-minded journalism on Israel, the region and the Jewish world. We've achieved this by investing ever-greater resources in our journalism while keeping all of the content on our site free. In reality she was visiting family, and his claim has prolonged her imprisonment, according to her husband.

What Kim Darroch is reported to have said about Trump – and what it means

Now Johnson is promising Brexit miracles to his base, insisting he can take Britain out of the European Union with no deal and no economic disaster. He promises that a great bilateral trade deal with Trump will take care of any problems. All magical thinking, but the faithful want to believe. Will such scenes continue at Ten Downing Street? Sound familiar?

One has to ask how two great democracies have reached the point where they will both soon be led by politicians who lack basic decency, morals, and respect for truth. Johnson cultivates a bumbling image as a jokester, and British newspapers report that his calculated antics appeal to jaded voters who love to see authority mocked.

More critical perhaps, he faces an opposition Labour Party that seems determined to defeat itself. Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn has refused to reach out beyond his far left base or take the pro-Europe stand most Labour voters want. In other words, Labour is failing to grasp the opportunity to stand against a Conservative Party whose leader will most likely be revealed, sooner or later, as a charlatan.

What was in the leaked memos?

Click here to see more Tap here to see more Tap here to see more. That the Darroch files emerged through a journalist, Isabel Oakeshott, who is a well-known Brexiteer has fed theories that this is all part of the battle over Brexit. Subscribe now. Tensions over the recent demonstrations in Hong Kong are the latest in a series of irritations that include policies towards Huawei and maritime rights in the South China Sea. In just two and a half years, the — Parliament made history with several firsts.

In the meantime, praised by the White House, he promises to make Britain great again. Skip to content.