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The baby figurine is seen in the middle of the roll. Many were made into temporary folk art. Refrigerator and other damaged item set on curb as trash made into a tableau. Refrigerators with Halloween theme. Refrigerator criticizing Tom Benson.

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Walkway in the New Orleans Botanical Garden. Gate by Enrique Alferez was formerly the main entrance to the Botanical Garden. Southern Decadence is an annual six-day event held in New Orleans, Louisiana by the gay and lesbian community during Labor Day Weekend, culminating in a parade through the French Quarter on the Sunday before Labor Day. Shirtless men on a Bourbon Street balcony during Southern Decadence.

Decadence participants parading down Royal Street. Originally published as a webcomic, A. The cover to Pantheon's hardcover edition of A. Calhoun Grocery, one of the settings of A. A bamboula is a type of drum made from a rum barrel with skin stretched over one end. It is also a dance accompanied by music from these drums. The environmentally conscious organization works to reduce carbon emissions through the replacement of traditional, non-environmentally friendly bulbs with compact fluorescent lights. Green Light New Orleans logo featuring a magnolia blossom and a compact fluorescent light.

A jazz funeral is a funeral procession accompanied by a brass band, in the tradition of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Musicians play for a funeral leaving St. Michael White in foreground. Bingle is a fictional character, a snowman assistant to Santa Claus. The figure consisted of a snowman's body with an ice cream cone hat, candy cane in hand, red ribbon with bells and holly wings. Here comes Mister Bingle! NOCCA opened in as a professional arts training center for secondary school-age children.

Louisiana Iris: A Southern Floral Icon

These things were special, but still part of the fabric of life. However, the migration of the Gulf fritillary butterflies was something precious and unique—as the summer heated up, we knew they were coming, and we waited, and whoever spotted the first one ran inside excitedly to announce the news. Then, these butterflies stole the spotlight from the more ordinary butterflies. There was something rare about them, though they were far from being an endangered species.

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And they were utterly gorgeous. The Gulf of Mexico was familiar, ordinary, always there, defining one boundary of Louisiana, providing a fishing ground for my father and a breeding ground for hurricanes.

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Gulf fritillaries were transitory visitors enriching dailiness with their striking colours and refined appetite for the nectar of foreign flowers. The convergence of these two otherworldly beings—the passion flower and the Gulf fritillary—yielded in my mind the essence of exoticism. But in reality the passion flower is native to many areas of North America.

But the genus was no stranger to the subtropics of the Deep South. As for the Gulf fritillary butterfly, its migratory arrival and departure made it seem otherly. However, migratory patterns in birds and butterflies take shape over eons, and the Gulf fritillary butterfly had for a long, long time made its temporary home in Louisiana during the summer and traveled in large flocks across the Gulf to winter over in the tropics of south Florida. It was native, all right. My perception of exoticism in the passion flower and Gulf fritillary butterfly was just that—an attitude conditioned by notions about native and other.

By extension from flowers and insects to people and culture, exoticism is a state of mind about self and other. If I had lived a few decades earlier, the Cajun culture in which I lived would not have seemed so self-consciously tinged with exoticism. Since the early part of the twentieth century, my community of Lafayette, Louisiana, was in transition due in large part to the federal project of assimilation of the French Cajuns into mainstream American society. It was a project distressingly familiar to many ethnic groups in Canada and the United States.

But growing up in the sixties and seventies, I knew how different my culture was—the inroads of superhighways, television, and billboards had for decades facilitated the intrusion of mainstream, popular culture into south-central Louisiana. I thought of the Cajun culture as exotic because it had become self-aware as otherly. Since the s, the Cajuns regained a sense of pride in their culture. It was, and is, a noble attempt to revitalize a dying culture. The new-found pride also fostered a sense of protectionism.

A friend once half-jokingly said that he would only marry a woman born south of the I, an east-west interstate highway below which the majority of Cajuns made their home in Louisiana. But in spite of recent attempts to protect the vestiges of the original culture, full retreat into the past was of course no longer possible. We were passion flowers, indigenous but seen as exotic in our own homeland, by ourselves and by others. And the idea of exoticism implies a degree of purity.

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A growing number of Louisiana gardeners are expressing their desire to Butterfly gardening, or gardening with special thought to adding plants and features. After a beautiful spring in Louisiana, butterfly gardening season is now upon us. With summer officially starting tomorrow, we have plenty of.

For a culture to be exotic is to possess a degree of difference that sets it apart. Our culture may have been predominantly French and Catholic. And as I now understand having visited some of the remaining Acadian villages in Nova Scotia, there is a strong cultural bond between contemporary Acadians and Cajuns that demonstrates that both cultures possess many survivals from their common historical roots in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Acadie.

But diaspora brings with it the assimilation and adaptation of cultural elements from many others along the way. I thought of the Gulf fritillaries as exotic others. But in fact they were native creatures despite their migratory patterns. That's why we want you to save money and trees by subscribing to GRIT through our automatic renewal savings plan.

You'll find plenty of Louisiana Iris references when visiting New Orleans, and even Louisiana in general. Gary Noel Ross. These frilly purple petals and sepals belong to the Ships Are Sailing tetraploid variety. The coppery coloring of Iris fulva, one of the five native species of Louisiana Iris, makes it unique. Petals or standards, style, and sepals or falls are all viewable from the side of this sketch.

The inset shows the rhizome. Anatomy of a Louisiana Iris: sepals are purple, styles are yellow, and petals are light blue.

Making a Butterfly Garden Planter!

Each are part of three seperate whorls. Edges of ponds and lakes throughout much of the world make Iris giganticaerulea, the official Louisiana state wildflower, feel right at home. Jerry Pavia. Our buddy Gritty knows any country woman would appreciate the Louisiana Iris. Irises abound Irises are distributed worldwide, particularly within temperate climates. Continue Reading. Provocative blooms The flowers are what make the plant so provocative.

Rhizomes must be heavily mulched all year to avoid scorching by summer sun and freezing during winter.

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Plant in venues that include at least a half-day of sunlight and acidic soils pH 6. Since the irises have a limited blooming period, enhance the water garden with a combination of summer and fall blooming aquatics waterlilies are perfect. The verdant, upright foliage of the irises then acts as backdrop in a tableau that enables the plants to be enjoyed long past their spring dazzle. Share your thoughts. Related Content. Homegrown Berries.